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Upon the launches of the brand new seasons on Mineville, many things have changed. One of those being the PVP. It has been changed from the 1.8 combat plugin, to pure vanilla 1.16 PVP.

Bow: LPS was originally based off of the 1.8 combat plugin, which is half the reason why it was so successful in season 4. But now that the PVP is up to date with the server version itself a lot of things changed. Some of the gear used in LPS are a little to overpowered, such as the bows. When not gapped the bows can do over 4 hearts of damage pretty easily making it pretty much impossible to fight someone alone while someone on the opposite side of you is bowing you and your opponent. I personally think that LPS should be changed to have everything that it has right now, but add a unenchanted diamond axe, a shield, and remove bows.

Map: The LPS arena all though a good sized map that has good hiding spots and vantage points, does have a few problems especially on Kingdom Survival. The LPS arena has a number of elevation changes of 3+ blocks in certain areas. And on Kingdoms these elevation changes can cause bugs at least 50% of the time moving along them. When being hit while moving elevation on this server, you can get warped back from where you originally were before you started moving, this is more apparent when jumping and getting hit critically, and can even make you entirely stuck, not being able to move at all opposed to only being able to move when not being hit. It is a very annoying issue and I think that having a completely flat LPS arena would dramatically help reduce the chance of the bugs happening during a event, and make it more enjoyable to play.

Teams: Since LPS was released on Mineville, it was prohibited to team in the event, and that rule is still in place. But what if the event had the ability to be a teams match? LPS runs 2 times a day, (9AM PST + 4PM PST) and I think that the later LPS being the more popular time to play this event, should be a teams match. The way this would be set up is when you join into the LPS arena, since this is a teams match there is a member limit of 30 players. And when a player joins they get a specific item in their inventory randomly chosen from a randomly assorted list of 15 items, and once another player joins and gets the same random assorted item as you the item in your inventory lights up with a enchanted glimmer, and when right clicking it you get locked with your team mate and are not able to harm them when the event starts. But a issue with this is when only for example 29 people join. When the server picks up that there is not a full team in LPS, it will automatically turn it into a solo match disbanding all teams making it a level playing field for players that were not able to get a teammate.
Choosing Teammate: When you join LPS, and you get a team item in your inventory, there is a double click function, when you use this double click function it will bring up words on your screen saying 'type IGN of teammate', when doing this it will send a team request to the player you want to team with, and if they click the green accept button in chat you will be given the same item from your inventory, and you'll be teamed for LPS.

Event Hosting: This is just an idea I had in mind, and isn't really something that I'd push for anyways, but it would be cool if the top ranks on the realms that support LPS, are able to host a LPS event themselves at least 2 times a day. They would run the command /LPS start, which has a daily limit to non staff members of 2 times a day, and it would host a LPS event for the server players to join and play in their free time playing Mineville. This would be really cool if was added, and could serve good practice for people wanting to get better at LPS on Mineville because it gives them the chance to fight more than 1 person at once instead of the normal 1 person duels.

In conclusion, these are the changes I think would be helpful as well as interesting to see added to Mineville LPS.

Sincerely, Phant


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Just make LPS 1.8 pvp but everything else 1.16. ez.