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Can Emperor Please Have Bold Nicknames!


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i figure by the time you spend all the money on the highest rank you deserve to have a bold nickname so staff please take this into consideration


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Yeah, I think this should be true for all top ranks.


I agree! and let us color our nicks again :( i dont know why this was taken out...


Trial Helper
Trial Helper
It was, most likely, taken out due to some form of unwanted glitch or complications between multiple addons of Spigot (The server's operating software). Or maybe they took it out to teak it for the new UI update. I imagine (And hope) that the mods and server owners are hard at work trying to fix this for players.


Unfortunately /nick being disabled is not something the staff team really have a say in or the ability to fix. As of right now it sounds like it is going to be disabled for good but that may change at some point.