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Better late than never I guess..


Staff Manager
Hi, I'm Princess_Esther, most of you probably already know me or know of me, considering I am quite active and have been around for awhile, in fact, over 4 months now!! Anyways here's a little bit about me that you might not know.

  • From kangaroo land (Australia, yes, so far away!)
  • Love a good meme, send me some ?
Favourite thing about Mineville:
  • Over my time spent on this lovely server, one thing in particular has made it stand out above the multiple other servers I've played on, and that is the amazing community. With each and every player that joins, they bring with them a wonderful personality and it is my pleasure to have gotten to know so many lovely people on this server, which is one of the things that inspired me to become a staff member and help y'all out!
Favourite part of being a staff member:
  • Many people often ask me why I am/became a part of the Mineville. Well, the answer is simple; over the past 2 months as part of the team, I have developed a passion for helping out both new and old players and keeping the server a wonderful place for everybody. I also have been very lucky to get to see the incredible progress and development of the server over this time, it's quite exciting!!
Well that's me! (cringe)

Hope to see y'all around. ?


You're really great at your job (from what I've seen) and you seem like a great person. It's nice to meet you :D


I already question myself reading this for some reason.


Water Poseidon
I`ve been working for you ,thanks for the captain rank Princess_Esther !


wait who are you again?