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Asgard Update


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New Content
➤ Can now purchase over 32k custom heads with /heads command ($10,000 each)​
➤ Minebucks Shop released! NPC for it is beside the Crates at spawn.​
➤ Mystic Armor Set in Kilton's Shop released​
➤ New Underworld Monster Rare Drops​
- Nether Stars​
- Rare Energy Crystals​
- Large Money Pouches​
➤ Beacons are now craftable​
➤ Emerald Blocks in the Underworld now drop 4-6 instead of 1-3​
➤ Can now put 6 custom EXP enchantments on 1 item instead of 1​
➤ Server TPS and Uptime now shown in tab​

Bug Fixes
➥ Fixed various bugs that was causing major lag spikes/crashes/instability​
➥ Can now upgrade your own /slayer level without a Mod​
➥ Fixed new players sometimes not being able to open teleporter menu​
➥ Fixed medium money pouch min value being $20k instead of $25k​
➥ Fixed Serpent Wand & Ember Wand damage​
➥ Fixed Njord Sell Multiplier​
➥ Fixed not being able to /sell items inside of your backpacks​
➥ Fixed Legendary Energy Crystals​
➥ Fixed not being able to mine emerald blocks in your Town​
➥ Fixed issue causing sell chests to sometimes break after reboots​
➥ Fixed /smite perk from Thor's Rebirth Challenge​
➥ Fixed White & Black Scrolls​
➥ Fixed /enchant [enchantment] information command​
➥ Fixed Happy Cow not giving Energy Reward​
➥ Fixed Rebirth Leaderboard at Spawn​
➥ Fixed AutoBlocking enchant not working with Lapis Lazuli​
➥ Fixed Stars in rebirth tag after completing Odin's challenge​



Looks awesome!
Hurray! Finally! Now you just have to fix the bug that causes autosell to spam chat. 😋


Asgard Noble
yay finnaly. gg