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Asgard Prison - Issues


Water Poseidon
Issue 1:After I made Njord's Quest I didn't get my 15% permanent sell boost because I had monarch rank which kinda sucks because it does not stack and I wish that this problem should be solved.

Issue 2: Ancient Trials are not properly made because as a tank you can get warrior upgrades, but as warrior you cannot upgrade your armor which is a problem, it gives you an iron armor, but it is not too important.

Issue 3: Players cannot get daily rewards as the other sections and top ranks cannot get montly rewards (I propose that jarl should get 1 legendary key and some exp and monarchs to get a legendary key, 2 economy keys or a perk key or just 2 legendary keys).

Issue 4:Trench pickaxes don't work properly you cannot get mine levels, you cannot get energy, you cannot mine and have your blocks counted which is pretty bad.

Issue 5:I think that rewards from special crates should be well made or better said changed to be more specific to prison. Like you could change the multitool into a pick with fortune 30, efficienty 50, unbreaking 100 like I have seen in the server which dacon is owner.

Issue 6:This is more related to discord. Asgard Prison is open for 1 month and ranks for prison are not added and as I know adding rank on discord is very easy.

Issue 7:This is more related to forum. In forum there are no leaderboards about asgard prison and there appears that space survival.
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Asgard was good until shit wasn't being done about the bugs, everyone quit pretty quickly :/