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Asgard Prison Announcement


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Welcome to Asgard

Asgard is Norse mythology themed server coming to MineVille based off the Prison gamemode!
The server will be released November 30th, at 2:00PM EST

We will be posting pics of the spawn in the #sneakpeeks channel in discord

The Worlds -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Asgard - Home of the Gods
This world is home to the main spawn area, market, pvp arena, over 20 mines and more.

Midgard - Home of the Humans
This is a plot world, you can claim your own plots once you reach the Farmer rank.

Jotunheim - Home of the Giants
This is a wilderness free world, you can access this world once you have completed all the quests and ascended.

Mining -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mining is one of the core aspects of Asgard. You spawn in with a starter pickaxe, and you can upgrade the enchantments on this with energy. Every block you mine you will receive 1 energy.

Right click your pickaxe to open the energy exchange menu where you can enchant and disenchant your pickaxe.

You can also use your energy on the auction house - /ah

The blocks and ores you mine can be sold with /sell or the auto sell enchantment. Once you've earned enough money you can progress to the next rankup, which unlocks a new mine with better ores.

Ranks, Quests, Rebirth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There are 19 ranks to progress through before you can complete rebirth quests.

Once the God rank is reached, you can complete a quest for one of the 11 Gods ruling over Asgard by typing /rebirth

Completing one of these quests will rebirth your account as a peasant, as well as wiping your current cash stack.
You will unlock new perks, and be 1 step closer to ascending.

Plots -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Plots are a perk earned once the Farmer rank is reached. You can use your plots to create public shops, farms, mob grinders, storage, or whatever you'd like.

Donators unlock access to additional plots, and can also merge them together.

Kilton & Slayer Level -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Every mob has a 5% chance at dropping their head. You can trade in these heads to Kilton at the Midgard plot spawn for souls, which can be used to unlock new items and perks.

Mob heads are also required for upgrading your slayer level.

Your slayer level determines what mobs you can kill, and what spawners you can purchase.

Payouts & Ragnarok -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Payout Prizes:

#1 Mining Level - $100 PayPal
#2 Mining Level - $75 Giftcard
#3 Mining Level - $50 Giftcard

#1 Rebirths - $100 PayPal
#2 Rebirths - $75 Giftcard
#3 Rebirths - $50 Giftcard

#1 Money - $100 PayPal
#2 Money - $75 Giftcard
#3 Money - $50 Giftcard

#1 Energy - $100 PayPal
#2 Energy - $75 Giftcard
#3 Energy - $50 Giftcard

Ragnarok is the cataclysmic destruction of the cosmos and everything in it - even the gods.

Ragnarok warnings will take effect 10 days before the season ends, and will cause permanent night, light snow fall and pvp enabled everywhere. Special events/challenges will take place during this time

Lots More! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Asgard has many more features, such as;
  • Custom fruit
  • Clans
  • Gambling
  • Achievements
  • Custom enchantments

Future Expansions 2020 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Svartalfheim - Home of the Dwarves
[Mining based minigames]

Muspelheim - The land of Fire
[Boss world]

Vanaheim - Home of the Vanir Gods (Sorcery & magic)
[New quests & challenges]


Noice! Look forward to it and the new challenge. 👾👾👾


BOSS WORLD????????? HOPE THAT MEANS BOSS FIGHTS, sorry for caps im just so god damn excited. BTW GEORGE IS HOT <3


New member
I just can't.
Hope there will be rank shop, some perks and vip/private mine (paying) really hope so.
Really excited about this!!:love:




I’m excited how to see you all there!


Finally long waited prison but Dacon why did u copy it from ur other server? XD but yeah cant wait


Ahhhhh!! I'm so excited!!!!