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Asgard Commands


Not sure if anyone has already done this, but I think it'd be pretty helpful to people starting out? All of this was useful to me when I started anyways, haha. If you have a command you think I should add to this please post it in comments!

(will (be trying to) not listing commands that are perks)

[Beginner/Basic helpful commands]

/tutorial + /quit

^start and exit the tutorial

/nickname [name]

^give yourself a nickname


^sell everything that can be sold in your inventory (e.g. cobblestone, coal, etc.)

/warp [mine1-10], [underworld], [pond]

^/warp alone allows you to see almost all of the different warps


^allows you to rank up, giving you more access to things


^look on the auction house

/ah sell [price] [amount] (hold the item you wish to sell in your hand)

^selling on the auction house


^check slayer level

^you can’t kill some mobs unless you raise your slayer level with mob heads

/kits [fishingrod], [pickaxe]

^/kits alone allows you to see the different kits

/hug [name] + /hugback

^is a rebirth thing, remember to hug!

/tpa [name]

^teleport to someone


^important after reaching god, do these quests to continue advancing

^your money is the only thing that will reset from rebirthing


/msg [name]

^private msg


^quick reply to the last person you messaged

[Keystone commands]

-when you lose/throw away your keystone, press f or /keystone to access it again


^central command of the town you are in


^pickaxe upgrades

^can also be accessed by right clicking your pickaxe


^your season vault to store vaultables (don’t put in until end of season announced)


^quick access to e-chest

^cannot be used in combat


^shows your minions

^only available after completing the rebirth


^access to see your quests (your quests, town quests, rebirth quests)


^access to see your collection


^item shop, /exchange (pickaxe upgrade), /ce (custom enchant), /ah (auction house), /kilton (soul shop, can only exchange heads for souls when in the underworld), token shop does not work


^check your stats


/is go

^go to your town

/is tc

^town chat, only town members can see

^you can test out renaming using this in front of the renamed format so you don’t make mistakes while renaming

/town invite [name]

^invite someone to the town

/town upgrade

^upgrade the town

/town member

^check members

^hover to see rank/role

[Commercial trade + cf]

/trade [name]

^trade mbs, nrg, etc. with other players

/bucks pay [name] [amount]

^pay someone mbs (also useful for trading)

/cf [price] + /cf [price] [name]

^coin flip

^global invite or personal invite

^uses nrg, can use mbs (is shown in /cf)

[In game reward/purchases]


^buy stuff in game with minebucks (mbs)


^happycow gives good stuff, remember to check back and play a bit everyday


^claim keys (vote keys, legendary keys, etc.)

/cr claim

^if you got a god key and your inventory was full

[random commands I found useful]

/aa list

^check your achievements

/fly time + /tf pay [name] [time in seconds]

^check your fly time and pay someone your fly time


^check mining level


^check your balance


^shows xp and how much more to level up

[ i ] (hold item, without spaces)

^ping the item in chat


^clears your inventory, be careful!

^useful for a couple of achievements

/report [name] [reason]

^if you see someone you think is hacking you should report them!


^make custom enchantment books into magic dust
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Hey, thanks for making this! I'm sure this will help out a lot of new players when it comes to not knowing commands.
Also, you can just do /a to check achievements, but obviously not a big deal ;)


New member
You forgot /ping and /pong hahahaha, nice of you making this tho:) it will help a lot of nooobss


this will be very helpful for new players who need assistance while in game thanks for sharing -Brockerz