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NEWS Asgard 2.0


i mean could have a little more??? wheres trails update at? or new mines? or what come on!!! what about spawn? i wanna know what its all about before i become patron 2.0


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Looks incredibly interesting! Really looking forward to it.


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ready for reset and ragnarok!! Can't wait to see the improvments and wipe.


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my name is Sambam10

hi i would like to enter the giveaway


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Is math related to science?


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Id atleast like a new trench pick since Im already Monarch rank.
Ooh i wanna get free ranks!
(Idk if you have to reply with username like for the poseidon one XD).
This looks COOOOL tho!!


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Hey everyone, Asgard Season 2 is a long awaited update and going forward we will be continuously updating it. We have revamped and recoded basically the entire server, so we can now deploy updates & bug fixes just as easily as Water & Kingdom now.​
The server has been updated from 1.12 to 1.15! We've added a bunch of new features, and revamped the economy, replaced plots with your Towns, and fixed all of the bugs :)

Ragnarok is the cataclysmic destruction of the cosmos and everything in it - even the gods.
Starting Monday, the sun will go out, forever. Endless snow will fall across all the lands, PvP will be enabled in all of the mines and plots.. On the final day the world will be destroyed.


We have replaced the plot system with Towns! Once you reach the Farmer rank you can purchase land for $100,000. You can do whatever you want with your town land, build a farm, make shops, design a base, set up a mob grinder, etc.​
➥ Town Quests​
There are 25 Town Quests to complete. Anyone you invite to your town can contribute to completing these quests.​
Completing all quests in a category will upgrade your town border size!​
➥ Town Levels​
Upgrade your Town by purchasing Levels. Each level costs more than the last, and there is a leaderboard for highest leveled towns.​
Levels allow you to unlock new upgrades, and flex on the leaderboard/chat.​
➥ Town Management​
There are many management features for your town, such as Permissions, Log History, Shared Bank, Shared Vault, Member/Ban List, Warps & more​
➥ Town Upgrades​
You can upgrade spawn rates, crop growth rates, EXP & Looting multipliers, total spawners and total hoppers.​
These upgrades cost Energy, and also have Town Level requirements.​
Everything about your town can be managed through our revamped keystone GUI, by pressing the [F] key.​

Economy Revamp

➥ New Prices​
The economy prices has been redesigned to balance all the ways of making money. Priority has been given to mining & manual farming, while AFK grinders & farms are still worth it, they are end-game methods and not as efficient as actively playing.​
➥ Rankups & Mines​
The amount of rankups and mines have been reduced to 10.​
Each mine now also only consists of stone and a unique resource. Each mine has it's own resource, like iron or gold for example.​
➥ Soul Shop​
The Soul Shop has received an overhaul with new items such as Flying potions, new tools, harvester hoes, perks, armor sets & more​

So you've maxed out your pickaxe and town upgrades and have nothing to spend your Energy on?​
Nope! Our minions have been revamped to harvest different crops & mine resources. They require energy to work however, or they will fall asleep!​
You can get Minions by completing Town Quests, buying from other players, or purchasing from our webstore or in-game Minebucks shop!​

Collection Log

There is now a collection log & leaderboard for resources mined, crops harvested and mobs killed!​
Additionally there is a separate log/leaderboard for Towns, which everyone in the town contributes towards.​
You can access this through your new Keystone!​
Will you or your Town be the #1 Carrot Farmer? or maybe the #1 Blaze Slayer​
Keystone Revamp

The new keystone allows you to manage pretty much everything, from teleporting, vaults, towns, quests, minions, wiki, achievements, settings, cosmetics, collection log & more.
You can access the new Keystone the same way, by pressing the [F] key or typing /keystone. The design has been updated, and I've added a bunch of cute sounds & effects to everything.​

35 slots can get filled up pretty quickly, you can now purchase multiple backpacks with Energy! Items will be sent to these backpacks when your inventory gets full, and we are going to be either removing the AutoSell enchantment or nerfing it to sell items for less money.

Magic Pond

3 times a day, magic with gather around the newly built pond at the marketplace. Use your fishing rod to catch some valuable loot as items shoot out of the water into the air!​
There are a bunch of never seen before items & perks to catch in this event, but I will keep that a surprise for release :)
New Crates

The crates have been completely revamped with all new reward. Every reward is worth getting now
The Canada Crate will also be available upon release

The Underworld

The Underworld is a pvp enabled region with very valuable blocks to mine that slowly regenerate overtime.​
There are also powerful custom mobs roaming the region and will attack anyone on sight.​
Players gain access to The Underworld after reaching the [Legend] rankup.​

➥ Coinflips​
Can now verse other players in Coinflips, using energy as the currency!​
➥ Mining Level Cap​
Mining level cap has been raised to 120.​
➥Drop Warnings​
Will now receive a warning & confirmation when dropping a valuable items such as spawners or your pickaxe. Simple press Q again to confirm and drop it.​
➥Duel Arenas​
Duel your enemies in 5 different 1v1 arenas with a selection of 6 kits.​
➥Auction Bidding​
Instead of selling items on the Energy Auction for a fixed price, you can now put them up for bid. Highest bidder by the expiry time wins the item.​
➥New Items​
New items you can unlock in-game from challenges, quests, soul shop, magic pond etc.​

  • 1.13, 1.14 and 1.15 Items
    • Farming Boots (Does not trample crops)
    • Ender Wand (Teleport wherever you click)
    • Teleport Pads
    • Flying Potions
    • Orb Upgrades for Minions
    • Infinity Chest+
    • Harvester Hoes
    • Larger Energy Crystals
    • Backpacks
    • Chunk Hoppers

  • Fixed Trench enchantment
  • Idun's prestige challenge now requires gapples
  • Fixed Freyr & Njord rebirths being repeatable
  • Fixed daily rewards
  • Fixed tab ranks, and Jarl no longer overrides Monarch
  • Fixed not getting /back perk or tag from Vidar's challenge
  • Changed Frigg's challenge requirement to reach Level 70 Mining
  • Trench enchantment now requires Frigg's challenge to buy and use
  • Removed kingdoms in replacement of Minions
  • Fixed Loki's disguise perks
  • Sidebar rank now shows correct rankup
  • Fixed ascending exploit that allowed players to ascend for only $25m each time.
  • Fixed Odin's Aura
  • Fixed some blocks like doors/gates/fences etc. being buggy when on 1.13+
  • Updated all the backends to our new optimized software, and fixed lag spikes
  • Can now sell any item by just typing /sell hand or /sell all
  • Fixed bugs & typos with Ancient Trials
Looks super cool, cant wait to try it out!