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AFK mining, or in other words, unplugging your mouse.

I was just recently banned for AFK mining. And I was given the reason as I was using scripts and or commands to execute this glitch which is not true. When I started mining a block or using my cobble gen, I would unplug my mouse after I has started. When I plugged back in my mouse, I was still able to look and move around with my mouse still mining until I left-clicked again. I had told this to a moderator, their username is Estrogen if you must know, and I asked them to try this out for themselves so they would know I am not lying. They refused and told me how this was tested out around a month ago and others have also been banned for AFK mining and used this as their reason as to how they have done it. I encourage all of you do do this "glitch" and tell me if what I am saying is true. Are you still able to move around and not mine when looking at a block but, mine when you do look at one, or do I do know a thing on which I am talking about?


afk mining is any sort of mining done whilst afk, including plugging your mouse. if your player is found performing any action whilst afk it is (generally incorrectly) listed as "macro", but in truth is punished as afk mining.