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  1. Sheepith

    Boosting Problem

    I agree with this Linear, and I do agree that a permanent ban is a bit much because it is currently under the Abusing Bugs rule. However, to your other point about inventory overflow, that is all fine, but when it comes to deliberately not selling so others can sell it is where it shouldn't be...
  2. Sheepith

    Boosting Problem

    Kind of a wall of text, but it has to be brought up
  3. Sheepith

    Boosting Problem

    Preface: I am aware that I am not an accomplished writer, and am not a fan of writing long essays to explain something, so I will attempt to keep this short. Recently on asgard, people have been getting newer players ranked up to higher ranks. The method that people use to boost is where a...
  4. Sheepith

    Asgard Pricing Guide

    good post
  5. Sheepith

    Regarding Vault Hunting 2.0

    @Fladoodles and @i7xt big dumb
  6. Sheepith

    NEWS Kingdom Revamp - Furniture, Custom Mobs, Forger, & More

    I'm excited for the furniture, I can't wait to see what builds I can make with them! Also can't wait for the new mobs! Sh__p
  7. Sheepith


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  9. Sheepith

    [Discord Suggestion] Server Suggestion Channels

    I have been asking for this. Good idea
  10. Sheepith

    Water Season 8

    gib rank
  11. Sheepith

    NEWS Big Announcement - Fire Skyblock

    Username: Shp I am most excited about the nether world. edit: there is an _ on both sides of shp, but due to the forums, it just makes it italics.
  12. Sheepith

    New rule suggestion

    Could we add a rule that forbids players by the name of Taylor to be on discord or play minecraft. If this too broad, then I would suggest making it so there is a limit of how many times you can say you are leaving forever, just to come back in a couple weeks. Thanks, Sheepith
  13. Sheepith


  14. Sheepith

    $10 Giveaway

    IGN: Sheepith I would love to just get $10 bucks in Minebucks I don't really know why I would deserve it. But since it is a random generator, that doesn't really matter does it?