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  1. PizzaMC

    INFORMATION Kingdom Suggestions

    Hello everyone, if you have suggestions for Kingdom post them below in a reply. Format Explanation: Explain your suggestion Reasoning: Why should your suggestion be implemented and how will it improve the server/why does it make sense? Example Explanation: Increase wool sell price Reasoning...
  2. PizzaMC

    Suggestion - Cops & robbers

    It took us 2 weeks to make impostor and an additional 2 weeks for the backend system. Now that the backend system is done, we can easily add new minigames in the future which we are already looking into :)
  3. PizzaMC

    NEWS Impostor v1.2

    Hello everyone, It is time we update you on the latest changes that we have deployed to the Impostor minigame. Since v1.1, we have fixed various bugs reported by players as well as implemented multiple suggestions. The major change in this version is the amount of optimizations and backend...
  4. PizzaMC

    NEWS Impostor v1.1

    Hello everyone, Ever since we released Impostor, we have been listening to your feedback, adding new features, and fixing reported bugs. We are now ready to release Impostor version 2.0, which comes with quite a few new features, map changes, QOL updates, and optimizations. ➥ CHANGES Added...
  5. PizzaMC

    NEWS Impostor Minigame (1.0 Release)

    Hello everyone, We have very exciting news to share. MineVille is ready to release its first minigame: Impostor. We have been working really hard, defying what was previously thought to be impossible within the limitations of vanilla Minecraft, to create an experience that will differ from any...
  6. PizzaMC

    Water Skyblock Season 8

    Maybe you didn't, however it was the overwhelming majority opinion. I do get where you are coming from though, I will be reducing prices for the top levels. However you need to remember that we are moving more towards long-term gameplay, so you aren't supposed to be able to unlock the max island...
  7. PizzaMC

    Water Skyblock Season 8

    There is a ton of crops (options).
  8. PizzaMC

    Water Skyblock Season 8

    You are suggesting adding a secondary currency like sparks, aka what used to be Bubbles even after you, among many other players, bombarded us with negativity about Bubbles in the first place. Very hypocritical.
  9. PizzaMC

    Water Skyblock Season 8

    How did farming eco get scrapped? Its the same exact farming eco from season 3 with automation.
  10. PizzaMC

    NEWS Kingdom Update (S4.1)

  11. PizzaMC

    NEWS Kingdom Update (S4.1)

    It's been reported and we are working on it. Keep an eye out for a changelog on Discord.
  12. PizzaMC

    NEWS Kingdom Update (S4.1)

    Hello everyone, We just released a major Kingdom update. Please read the following changelog to know everything that changed, got added/removed. We also fixed all bugs reported by players & staff. Changelog: ➥ Fully updated to 1.16.2. We had to update 22,000,000 chunks hence why we had a...
  13. PizzaMC

    Water Season 8

    Hello everyone, It's time for a new season of Water Skyblock. We have heard all your feedback regarding the current water season and have worked to make sure that this season will adhere to it. Some changes from season 7 will be rolled back while a lot of new features will also be added this...
  14. PizzaMC

    Opinion on the new realm

    I love it
  15. PizzaMC

    Water Season 8 Changes/Reccomendations

    Want me to call them and ask them for you?
  16. PizzaMC

    Water Season 8 Changes/Reccomendations

    There is always new players. In fact, there are millions other MC players.
  17. PizzaMC


  18. PizzaMC

    NEWS Big Announcement - Fire Skyblock

    Hello everyone, I'm excited to introduce Fire Skyblock. I have listened closely to your feedback about what you want and don't want to see in this next chapter of Skyblock. Fire Skyblock will be a completely independent realm - it is not replacing Water Skyblock. My vision for Fire Skyblock is...
  19. PizzaMC

    My leave in Kingdoms. (update cause that s- was cheeeeeesy)

    Sorry you feel this way. I'm taking alot of steps to repair what's been broken over the past several months.