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  1. Goosenub

    Favorite thing about Asgard?

    I like that it's a gamemode that gives f2p players a shot at payouts, with leaderboards like mining and energy, it can be all about how much time you put into grinding and is something that's hard to win just by pouring in a lot of money into the server.
  2. Goosenub

    make a word, i will start

  3. Goosenub

    Counting to 500!

    Well, I'll have you know, my IQ is 21
  4. Goosenub

    Why scream? there's no one around to hear you

    Why scream? there's no one around to hear you
  5. Goosenub

    A major problem 2 (CONTINUING).

    Hope that you find what you need in the break they you're taking- even things that are supposed to be a fun and relaxing break from the street of real-life can get tense and lose the fun- and when things happened like the way they did, being upset and perhaps even defeated is totally...
  6. Goosenub

    Things that are missing from Kingdom Survival

    I appreciate the thought and effort out into this post, and I think it lays out some pretty good points on what should be added/taken care of regarding the server. Furthermore, I would like to give my own thoughts about the suggestions you have made. -Live auctions: live auctions were a...
  7. Goosenub

    I dont know what im doing with my life

    Uodate: I now have 27 forums points this is so pog, best day of my life, totally don't have better things I could be doing with my life.
  8. Goosenub

    I dont know what im doing with my life

    Hello there! I've been scouring the minevilla forums for what feels to be about the past hour. I have no idea what I'm doing here- I'm running out of threads to reply to and I'm not creative enough to create a forum game so here I am. Writing a meaningless a forums post. thanks for reading...
  9. Goosenub

    Pop sever

    Mega yikes
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  11. Goosenub

    Unscramble these words!

    Curtain eivpsptcre
  12. Goosenub

    Let's make this the most replied thread!

    Gonna be tough beating counting to 500
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  14. Goosenub


    Deceased thread
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  16. Goosenub

    How can you change your name in different colors?

    Hi there! You can't use bold (or any other formatting codes) in /nick on kingdoms, but you can on skyblock. The format code, regardless, would be &l. To use colors, refer to the table above :)
  17. Goosenub

    Lost Claim HELP

    HI there! The Coords you see in the /k claims section are the chunk cords, meaning that you have to multiply the values by 16 to get the X and Z coordinates. Once you do that, then you'll be able to find the way to your base. You can also ask someone who is moderator or higher to tp you to the...
  18. Goosenub

    NEWS Asgard 2.0

    This is truly an epic fortnite gamer moment
  19. Goosenub


    Hi there! Thank you for your interest in the Mineville staff team. All applications will be reviewed in due time, asking other staff to review your application will NOT speed up this process; please be patient and best of luck with your application.