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  1. Realistic

    DENIED Staff Application

    Hello @Ragemonster ! Your application has unfortunately been denied due to: You do not meet the requirements found in the information thread. You can apply again in 1 week. - The Management Team
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    ACCEPTED BartDePauw's Staff Application

    Hello @BartDePauw ! Your application has reached the validation stage and is currently being reviewed by the members of the management team! We will get in touch with you very soon, so please keep an eye on your discord DM's! - Realistic
  3. Realistic

    ACCEPTED Koldx's Staff Application

    Hello @Koldx ! After reviewing your application and discussing it with the rest of the team, we have decided to accept your application! Welcome to the staff team!
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  5. Realistic

    INFORMATION Staff Application Info & Requirements!

    Hello everyone, To apply for a staff position on Mineville, click on the "post thread" button found on the application page! Staff applications are open for any user on the forums to see and reply/give feedback to. This is to help us get a better understanding of you. Information: If your...
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    IMPORTANT Mineville Vote Links

    Vote Links: - - - - Water Skyblock Vote Rewards: - Limited fly access - 1x Diamond - 5x XP Bottles - 1x Vote Crate Key Hell...
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    IMPORTANT Server Rules

    The following activities are prohibited on Mineville: Spam/Flooding/Command Spam (Warning -> 15m Mute -> 30m Mute -> 3h Mute) There is a difference between spam and flood, but if you find yourself muted for the reason “spam” you have done any of the following: SPAM: Spam means that someone says...
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    Hey, test 123 abc åäö

    Hey, test 123 abc åäö