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  1. PizzaMC

    Space Survival Release - (Hell Revamp)

    Hey! We will be releasing Space Survival on Sunday, May 26th at 2:00 PM EST. This is a complete revamp for the Hell Realm as we are changing the theme, the main mechanics of the realm, and features. We won't be going into detail about each change on this thread; you can come check out for...
  2. PizzaMC

    Kingdom Survival Release

    Hey Minevillagers, We are happy to announce that Kingdom Survival will be releasing on Sunday April 21st. The realm will provide you with an amazing bug-free, lag-free survival experience. The realm will have its own ranks and money, however, Minecoins will still be realm-wide. Feel free to read...
  3. PizzaMC

    NEWS Survival Update

  4. PizzaMC

    NEWS Survival Update

    $, Quest Points, and land size. Wither skeleton will work
  5. PizzaMC

    NEWS Survival Update

    Current levels will be kept. Shards will be deleted entirely as they serve no purpose. Upgrades will be purchasable using money and shards requirements for levels will be replaced with quest points
  6. PizzaMC

    NEWS Survival Update

    Hey MineVIllagers, It has been a while since we last updated Hell Survival. We have been working on several bug fixes and features to enhance your gameplay and we will be rolling them out through Saturday 3/30. The focus of this update is to patch glitches and bugs that were reported by players...
  7. PizzaMC


  8. PizzaMC

    NEWS Water Skyblock Season 2!

    Very much so.
  9. PizzaMC

    NEWS Water Skyblock Season 2!

    Hello MineVillagers, We will be concluding this season of Water Skyblock on Saturday, March 16th at 2PM EST. This season has allowed us to patch numerous glitches and bugs over the span of more than 60 days! With the new Skyblock season, our main aim is to balance the economy, introduce new...
  10. PizzaMC

    Please listen to the players.

    People seem to forget that we are literally 30 days old. No BETA phase. The amount of bugs that we have fixed in recent days is incredible. When a bug is reported, we try to fix as fast as we can. We also try to balance out the time spent on bug fixing and content releases. However, I understand...
  11. PizzaMC


  12. PizzaMC

    Counting to 500!

  13. PizzaMC


    Hey everyone! We have grown incredibly fast in the past two weeks. Thank you for your support. We have a lot of planned features ready to release as well as new upcoming realm(s). More information on Hell and Water updates will be released soon. I would personally like to thank everyone who has...
  14. PizzaMC


    Welcome MineVillagers! We just released Mineville. January 13th, 2019, 12PM EST. You can now hop on using the IP play.mineville.org. Mineville has a lot to offer; ranging from custom features, unique ideas, and optimized experiences to fair play and proper support. We will be mainly focusing on...