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  1. onix34

    nomnom30's Helper Application

    definitely have improved since last app and been alot more helpful in chat and i wish u good luck nom
  2. onix34

    VALIDATED maayyy's Helper Application

    a nicely worded app gl :)
  3. onix34

    yes stinky rook

    yes stinky rook
  4. onix34

    NEWS Anarchy Release - First Major 1.16 Anarchy Server

    looks like it its going to be fun and pure chaos
  5. onix34

    Regarding Disabling of Guardians, Current spawner accessibility, Drastic advantage of P2W players

    i do understand where the staff are coming from with the choice to remove the naturally spawning guardian farms with them being a tier 4 spawner but with how you have set it up to obtain the frags and the cores it would take a casual player nearly the whole season to get to a comfortable...
  6. onix34


    onix34 cant wait for the reset good work and great sever to play on pizza :)