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  1. markoni3732001

    Allowed or not?

    i mean u are new to me but i think i can trust that that seems to make sense thx for answering
  2. markoni3732001

    Allowed or not?

    As much as i understood the rule abt. it copy paste placing buildings is not allowed but the visual part abt. schematic is allowed. Since I never used such mods before I can't tell if this mod is forbidden or allowed cz. idk. if it can place stuff as well. I think u ppl know abt. that better...
  3. markoni3732001

    Earth Suggestions/Ideas

    there are a few reason why this wouldn't be smart (all from my point of view) as phant said u pay for it witch is a valid argument but i would add that flying is important in nether as well, since striders glitch to hard and laggy to use them (at least in my case) also if you travel it would...
  4. markoni3732001

    NEWS Earth Release Announcement

    lol so like far cry 4 but better and in mc?
  5. markoni3732001

    Asgard Season 3

    yeet new dragons :D