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  1. Hallowqueen

    NEWS Fire Reset + Update (Season 3)

    Different realms reset at different times, the length of the season purely depends on the type of realm. Kingdoms had a reset on 12th December, and I believe Pizza is looking for suggestions for Kingdoms, so there may be a reset fairly soon - although that hasn’t been confirmed to my knowledge.
  2. Hallowqueen

    NEWS Fire Reset + Update (Season 3)

    This is so exciting; the minions are adorable, I think I'm definitely gonna have to test out this season of Fire.
  3. Hallowqueen

    BigVipe's Helper Application

    Hey, BigVipe. Your application seems to lack a fair bit of detail, I'd recommend taking a look over the requirements (found here) and try to edit your application accordingly, and provide as much information as possible about yourself to give a better idea of your character. Additionally, I'm...
  4. Hallowqueen

    Additional Suggestions for Asgard

    | EXP Mine(s) Whilst there are currently ways to get EXP (slaying mobs, crates, mining with the 'experienced' enchantment), I think it would be nice to incorporate the idea of the donor mine into an EXP mine, or it could be an upgradable system, with improved ores as you upgrade (Whether it...
  5. Hallowqueen

    Additional Suggestions for Asgard

    | Drops in /shop [Continued] Enderpearls: Since you're able to get them from killing mobs in /uw, I believe this drop should either be disabled or alternatively, considering they are useful for the achievement [throwing 10 enderpearls], they should be sellable in /shop.
  6. Hallowqueen

    TheLizardWhoLikesYoga's Helper Application

    Hello! I'm not too familiar with your username, I don't believe I've really seen you in-game or in chat. This likely could just be down to time-zones, but I also haven't seen you participate in conversations in the discord (to which you need Mee6's level 5 at minimum to apply). I'd also suggest...
  7. Hallowqueen

    VALIDATED silentinhales's Helper Application

    Ahhh, Silent! I always see you online, I think you'd be an absolute asset to the staff team. Your application is well-written, and you definitely have the knowledge. Good-luck!
  8. Hallowqueen

    Fire Suggestions

    Voting has recently been discontinued from the server. The voting sites may still be active, but you don't get rewards for them in-game anymore. The voting rewards have now been replaced with 'Cow keys' which give the same rewards as the vote crate previously had...
  9. Hallowqueen


  10. Hallowqueen

    Fire Suggestions

    Kilton Explanation: Adding in /kilton to Fire Skyblock, as well as new rewards more suited to Skyblock, in the kilton store (i.e, titles, perks, useful items, cosmetics, etc). Why should it be added?: I think Kilton is something which shouldn’t be restricted to just Asgard - in my opinion, it...
  11. Hallowqueen


    Hello, DatGlaceon! It’s nice to meet you. I hope to see you around the server (although I mainly play Asgard, and sometimes venture to Kingdoms). Although, I am curious. Which gamemode do you like best? And, other than MineCraft, what are some other examples of games you like? 😄
  12. Hallowqueen

    Ryan010_NL's Helper Application

    Hey, Ryan010_NL! Your application seems a little vague and lacks some detail in certain areas (For example, your three qualities don't seem like 'qualities' but more so skills, and there are only two). I also haven't seen you around the discord server too often; It's worth mentioning you need...
  13. Hallowqueen

    S_Lethe's Helper Application

    Hello, S_Lethe! Your application seems fairly well written, my only concern is that I haven’t really seen you within the discord server. Have you joined it? You need to be at least Mee6’s level 5 to qualify for staff; so in any case, it would certainly benefit you to be as active as possible in...
  14. Hallowqueen

    Additional Suggestions for Asgard

    To add on, I have a whole other sub-section for suggestions that I completely missed out. | Mining (leaderboards) Add leaderboards for mining to give players another incentive to mine more. Currently to be part of the 'Legends' on Asgard you need to upgrade your plot. Possibly in the next...
  15. Hallowqueen

    Additional Suggestions for Asgard

    Hello! I play on Asgard quite frequently. This has given me the chance to discuss the realm with other members of the community. Due to this, I have came up with some suggestions to possibly improve the realm or just make some minor changes that would be useful to other players. I have no doubt...
  16. Hallowqueen

    GUIDE Lets Talk About: The 12 Sun Skulls ⚠ SPOILER WARNING ⚠

    Hey Fire! This is a really helpful guide, thank you for creating it! I know myself and Txkoyami had to get help when doing that challenge for the last two skulls, so this will definitely be a big help 😄 I would just like to add that you could make the images hidden by making them “spoilers”...
  17. Hallowqueen

    VALIDATED Puttsorama's Helper Application

    Hello, Putts! I see you very often on Asgard, I think you’d be a great asset to the staff team. Good luck with your application!
  18. Hallowqueen

    GUIDE Daily Cow Rewards + Voting Replacement

    Hello! Recently, voting has been discontinued on the network (including vote parties, however the vote crate still exists and has been renamed to the ‘Cow Crate’ which can be accessed with /keys). In place of this, you now also need to link your in-game account to your forums account to claim...
  19. Hallowqueen

    Lets Talk About: Plots

    This is a great idea, Fire! I’ll definitely need to work on building my plot up so I can add to this. 😁 on another note; holy! Your plot is amazing! Great job, guys!
  20. Hallowqueen

    NEWS May 2021

    Congrats to the SoTM! 😁 Mega excited for the pins and the upcoming crate!