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    make a word, i will start

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    One word STORY

  3. Master Weeb

    What if Minecraft had Realistic TNT EXPLOSIONS?

    They missed one crucial part... TNT vs. TNT House
  4. Master Weeb

    Wrexham VS Maidenhead United - England Conference Match Preview

    I don't really know anything about futbol(I think I spelled that right..?), but you're clearly enthusiastic about it. Question: You do predict that Wrexham wins , but is that the team you're cheering for?
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    That could be more from people flicking their mouse around. Just a theory.
  6. Master Weeb

    Update on custom enchants list?

    I believe if you do /enchant (name of enchant), you can find more info about it. I also believe there is a command to see all enchants, but I do not remember it.
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    a bit too late now, isn't it...
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    I did google it... I got even more confused
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    Perm Banned :(

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    I have lol
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    I've joined this beaned club

    I've joined this beaned club
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    I would like to apologize to anyone who thought I may have found their IP. I was going to say something else, but I was too scared to say what I actually had to say. I do not have anyone's IP, nor do I even know what an IP is. I did not mean for this to come off as a threat in any way. I'm...