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Fire Suggestions


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Fire Wither
Fire Zoglin
Suggestiom title: Fire skyblock chat
My suggestion detail: The filtered chat should be updated. Some inappropriate language does not g et filtered and is allowed in chat. Would be a good idea to test and fix that.
Why should you implement my suggestion: It would help keep it more family friendly and would help keep the community more peaceful.


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Suggestion Title: Update the lore info for when you do /ranks
Details: the /rank menu is inaccurate. It shows you get certain perks like minion slots or a few other things I saw such as afk for an unlimited time even though there seems to be no time limit for normal players? Also it may be easier to read numbers when listing how many homes or vaults etc. you get instead of using words. Also making sure the lore matches the website perks.
Reason: Easier to read lore and more accurate info to really know what you're getting


Suggestion Title: Stinky
Suggestion in detail:
Remove fire and add 1.7 / 1.8 kit pvp realm


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Water Sailor
Suggestion title: Village for players.

Details: There should be a town for players to make their own shops at!
It would be cool to do /town or /village and go to the place where all players can set up shops.
There can be different category shops to go to and all things like that.

Hopefully you enjoy this idea.


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Suggestion title:About the world
My suggestion in detail: i think it be good if the world reset every period except the areas or chanks whom already claimed
Why you should implement my suggestion: it will be good for new players for thiere start and the world will not be scatter
Minebuck pouches
Add a minebuck pouch similar to xp and money pouches that you can get during the magic pond event or by grinding isles
making a way to grind minebucks would give people a chance to make minebucks on skyblock without having to win /top because it can be very hard to get on /top especially if you're just starting off
Season vault scrolls I think you should add a scroll similar to holy/transmog/white scrolls that makes whatever you put it on (armor or tools) is able to be put in the season vault. these could be a rare or maybe legendary isles drop or could be put in event crates I think this should be added because people spend hours grinding for legendary drops in isles like the gorilla club or rhino armor that just gets wiped during the reset adding this would make it more worthwhile grinding for those rare items because it would actually be worth taking the time to grind the mobs


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Hello everyone, I am collecting suggestions for the next Fire season.

Please follow this format:

Suggestion Title:Battle Royale
Suggestion in detail:The people
Online get into a battle royale map where they run around and loot.There is a zone which slowly closes and the top 3 who survive get prizes
Why should it be implemented:
As battle royale games are being more and more popular,this will bring more people to the server who will play and look foward to this event.there is also the incentive to win due to prizes

Suggestions can be: changes in current features, addition of brand new features, or removal of features.

Please keep in mind we already have something in the works for a new economy.


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