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Hello everyone,
It is time to reset the Village realm. This season, season one, has been running for approximately two months. Our main focus while working on this new season was making sure that we fixed all issues reported by the community in relation to cannoning, sand, and chunks. We hope that season two will bring flawless cannoning, better performance, and an amazing experience. We will be closing down the Village realm on Saturday 10PM EST and will release Season Two on Sunday Sept. 29th at 1PM EST

  • TNT set off in your own claim no longer damages blocks inside it
  • Genbuckets cannot be used when enemies are nearby
  • Added a 25 chunk buffer rule
  • Creepers spawned by eggs will no longer stack with spawner creepers
  • Watering spawners is now against the rules
  • New Faction warning points system
  • Fixed chunks unloading during raids
  • Nether ceiling disabled
  • Fixed primed TNT not loading chunks
  • Fixed Genbuckets not working when you leave the chunk
  • Fixed other cannoning and chunks problems Brought back custom enchantments (only non-pvp ones) and reduced their prices Reduced potion prices
  • Edited genbucket prices
  • Decreased cactus prices
  • Removed thorns from Dragon armor
  • TNT Fill now uses TNT directly from your TNT bank and falls back on your inventory when the bank is empty
  • Creeper spawners now drop more TNT
  • Default power buffed
  • Changed rankup system
  • Fixed leaderboards
  • New spawn
  • Fixed knockback problems
World Information
  • Overworld: 10,000x10,000 (+5,000 -5,000)
  • End: 5,000x5,000 (+2,500 -2,500)
  • Nether: 5,000x5,000 (+2,500 -2,500)
  • Overworld has flat bedrock
  • End is flat
Faction Information
  • 40 Starting power
  • 50 Max default power per player
  • 1,500 max power per faction
  • 30 Faction members limit
Monthly Payouts
#1- $200 PayPal, $100 Giftcard
#2 - $150 PayPal, $75 Giftcard
#3 - $100 Paypal, $50 Giftcard
#4 - $50 PayPal, $50 Giftcard
#5 - $50 Giftcard

Reset Vault
You will be able to carry certain items to the next season. These items include:
  • Safari crate exclusives
  • Paradise crate exclusives
  • Summer crate exclusives
  • Freedom crate exclusives
  • Pride crate exclusives
DISCLAIMER: Only items which contain the words 'Season Vault Access" in the lore can be vaulted. This means that you cannot vault sell chests, minions, or normal trench tools from the store.

The vault will open on Thursday 9/26/2019. Make sure to check #changelog on Discord for more information.

The following will completely reset:
  • Balances
  • Xp
  • Inventories
  • Factions
  • Ender chests
  • Mcmmo
  • Playervaults
  • Rankups
  • Race info
  • Stats
See you on Sunday!


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The vote leaderboard has now reset https://mineville.org/vote/

  • BRITISHMIKE (155 Votes) - $25 Giftcard
  • pinemelonss (150 Votes) - $25 Giftcard
  • BigBlocks (145Votes) - $25 Giftcard
Congratulations to the top voters! You will be receiving the giftcards today/tomorrow​
There will be 2X VOTE REWARDS until Saturday! (August 31st - September 7th)

Congratulations to August's voted Staff of the Month, @Princess_Esther
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1st: SmashNoLag (Level 12,590,800) - $100 PayPal
Members: SmashNoLag, Biggetjex, Pinkyyx, Dragon007_, MrMexicano, AgaDooDoo, Pinguinoooo, Harmenr4, Fire_MJ
2nd: 1uq (Level 7,500,000) - $50 Giftcard
Members: 1uq, 6thL, verycheater, colourIess, HollowExo, Teiubesc, oneuq
3rd: silverrbullet (Level 4,000,000)- $25 Giftcard
Members: silverrbullet, iirina, Duck_Bro, Princess_Esther, Takiyo, crzy_chef, SweetCoookeh, DaisyStarship2, insert_baguette, Alienwarezz, BaselPro

1st: Ravioli (Worth $1.1 billion) - $200 PayPal + $100 Giftcard
2nd: Pistachio (Worth $881 million) - $150 PayPal + $75 Giftcard
3rd: Corona (Worth $414 million)- $100 PayPal + $50 Giftcard
4th: FBI (Worth...​


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Hey everyone!
As you may have noticed, we have been updating/migrating our realms during the summer to run on our custom 1.13 server software. This has allowed for large amounts of players to play on 1.13 lag-free (something that no other big network currently does). We are happy of the results so far. We have come a long way from the poor 1.13 performance and spawner system which were causing <10 TPS and frequent unstacking/disappearing of spawners. Now that both Water and Village have been optimized and are running on our own custom software, we are moving to the last phase of the migration: Kingdom & Space. Kingdom and space will merge and reset on August 17th 12PM EST.

What does this mean for Kingdom?

For Kingdom, we will be resetting the realm and updating it to latest software in addition to other changes as well. Some of these changes are:
  • New race system (Samurai, Ronin, & Artisans)
  • Re-implementation of Jobs
  • Shop tweaks and economy balancing
  • New spawner system
  • New entity stacking system
  • New dropped entity stacking system
  • Lots of optimizations
  • Added the Kingdom Manager GUI (/k)
  • Claiming land will now cost money. Each chunk claimed will go up by $500 each time. The base price is $1,000
  • Max claims set at 1,000 (un-bypassable)
  • Addition of the /k claims command (will list all claims your Kingdom has)
  • Addition of the /k bank command (deposit/withdraw money directly from your Kingdom. To withdraw, you have to be Moderator rank or above)

  • Spawn changes
  • New scoreboard
  • New leaderboard system (fixed heads not updating)
  • and more..
"Resetting the realm" means that you will lose inventories, balances, quest points, player vaults (/pv), statistics, and builds. Your Kingdom information will be erased, you will have re-create/re-join a Kingdom on Season 2.

**Please keep in mind that we intend for Season 2 of Kingdom to be longer than Season 1 which has been a 4-month season.

What does this mean for Space?
After exploring all options for both realms, we have decided that closing Space and merging it with Kingdom will be best for our survival community. Space is currently riddled with bugs which is a result of it being the very first realm to experiment with our custom software. We believe that closing space down and merging it with Kingdom will re-unite the survival community and make for less room for bugs to go unnoticed as we will now be focusing our efforts on one single realm.

What does this mean for Space players that had ranks?
If you had a space rank, it will be moved over to Kingdom! Here is how the rank migration will work (it has been based off of perks not pricing!):
  1. Cosmonaut --> Knight
  2. Engineer --> Prince/Princess...

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