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EVENT Parkour Tournament

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Parkour Tournament!
This weekend we will be hosting our first parkour tournament ever! Parkour your way through the course to claim your prize! Those who finish first will receive something extra.

Where? Event server (information on how to join will be announced soon).
When? April 7th at 7 pm CEST.

Everyone who manages to finish the course will be rewarded with a special event kit on both realms that you will be able to claim once.
  • 1x Giveaway Key
  • 5x Vote Key
  • 2x Ash Key
  • 1x Perk Key
The first 3 to finish the course will receive the following rewards along with the event kit.
  • 3x Spring Key
  • 2x Volcano Key
  • 2x Spawner Key
  • $500 000
  • 2x Spring Key
  • 2x Magma Key
  • 1x Spawner Key
  • $400 000
  • 1x Spring Key
  • 1x Magma Key Key
  • 1x Economy Key
  • $300 000
Countdown until event: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-parkour-tqjg

Good luck to all participants!
- Mineville Staff Team

March 2019

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The vote leaderboard has now reset​

  • RainbowDoge18 - 159 Votes ($50 Giftcard)
  • KLG89 - 153 Votes ($20 Giftcard)
  • princess_lilc - 131 Votes ($10 Giftcard)
Congratulations to the top voters! You will be receiving the giftcards tonight/tomorrow morning. Check your forum or discord PMs​
There will be 2X VOTE REWARDS until Friday! (April 1st - 5th)


1st: lluyd (Level 123,456) - 3000 Minecoins​
2nd: Zephyx_ (Level 87,299) - 1500 Minecoins​
3rd: CometChaos (Level 23,766) - 1000 Minecoins​

NEWS Survival Update

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Hey MineVIllagers,
It has been a while since we last updated Hell Survival. We have been working on several bug fixes and features to enhance your gameplay and we will be rolling them out through Saturday 3/30. The focus of this update is to patch glitches and bugs that were reported by players and to implement suggested changes.

Here are the changes:
  • Addition of Quests, Quests Shop, and Quest Points
  • ✅Removal of the Shards currency as well as the Mutated Mines NPC ( those who bought permanent mine access. will be given keys)
  • ✅Addition of many new blocks to /sell and addition of sell prices directly to /shop
  • ✅Enchantment system revamp. Broken enchantments will be fixed. New tiers and new enchantments. Better dust rates
  • Addition of levels IV and V which will have free land claiming (no cost per chunk) and exclusive daily rewards section
  • ✅/rename re-enabled and fixed
  • Removal of the Magma crate and addition of Perks and Rewards (Quests) crates. Ash and Volcano crate edits as well
  • ✅Removal of war zone void TP PvP protection
  • ✅Removal of Enderpearl usage in warzone
  • ✅Re-enabled Snowmen/Llama spawners
  • ✅Cosmetic comeback
  • Envoys
and more..
*✅ means that the update has been implemented.

This weekend will also be the last weekend in which Lucky Crates will be sold. The 50% sale will end on Sunday as well.

We hope to see you on Saturday! Updates will be released through out the day. Join our discord server to stay tuned with the latest updates and news. https://discord.mineville.org
Featured Package
Halloween Key
8.003.20 USD

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