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April 2019

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The vote leaderboard has now reset https://mineville.org/vote/

  • KLG89 (116 Votes) - $50 Giftcard
  • princess_lilc (106 Votes) - $20 Giftcard
  • RhysMcCluken (101 Votes) - $10 Giftcard
Congratulations to the top voters! You will be receiving the cubits tonight/tomorrow morning.​
There will be 2X VOTE REWARDS until Saturday! (April 30th - May 4th)


1st: Alienwarezz (Level 666,666) - 3000 Minecoins​
2nd: Brxck (Level 340,215) - 1500 Minecoins​
3rd: YAROYARS (Level 255,644) - 1000 Minecoins​

Kingdom Survival Release

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Hey Minevillagers,
We are happy to announce that Kingdom Survival will be releasing on Sunday April 21st. The realm will provide you with an amazing bug-free, lag-free survival experience. The realm will have its own ranks and money, however, Minecoins will still be realm-wide. Feel free to read this news thread to get more information about the realm. We are excited to see you there on release day!

  • Easy land-claiming system called Kingdoms. You can create one kingdom and you can only be a member of one kingdom. Bug-free land and member management
  • Quests and Quests shop (New items included in quests shop such as chest sorters, mcmmo and sell boosts, sell chests, auto-craft chests, and more)
  • Donator Daily Rewards (in addition to member /dailyrewards)
  • New dual-prefix ranks: Merchant, Knight, Prince/Princess, King/Queen, and Emperor/Empress
  • Jobs
  • Ingame ranks
  • Mob coins and mob shop
  • Warp system revamp (cleaned up the messages, new chat format, and addition of /checkwarps <player> to list all warps made by a specific player)
  • Ancient Trials and Tokens shop (New items in the token shop)
  • Economy, Perks, Vote, and Rewards crates
  • New flight system (same one found on Water Skyblock) that has /fly speed and /fly pay
  • Custom enchantments (Coal, Iron, Gold tiers)
  • Custom bosses (unlocked through the store or ancient tokens shop)
  • 1.13 items in the /shop
  • Safe /trade
  • and a lot more..

We won't be going into more details yet, make sure you join our Discord server for more information released daily. Be there on Sunday!

Mineville Management

EVENT Parkour Event 2

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Parkour Event
Tonight we will be hosting our 2nd ever parkour event. This time it will consist of 3 different courses in ranging difficulty for you to work your way through. At the end of every course, you will be rewarded with a prize. The harder the course, the better the prize.

Where? Events server! Connect by clicking on "Events Realm" in the /server selector.

When? To give as many people as possible a chance to participate, the event will begin on Sunday at 8 pm CEST and end on Monday at 8 pm CEST.

Countdown until event: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-parkour-ac0o

Good luck to all participants!
- Mineville Staff Team
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