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Hello Village players,
It is time for Season 4. We are really happy with the state of the Village realm for Season 4 as we have been able to experiment with a new cannon jar that is by far exponentially better than jars used on previous seasons. The jar has been on Season 3 to test and patch bugs and it is ready for Season 4. The new season will release on Sunday Jan 12th 1PM EST

Season Info:

Duration: 20 days. 6 days Grace period. 14 days of raiding (2 weeks)
New Payout System: Payouts will now be paid on a weekly basis (first week and second week of raiding)
  • 1st Place: $250 PayPal - $125 Giftcard
  • 2nd Place: $150 PayPal - $75 Giftcard
  • 3rd Place: $100 PayPal - $25 Giftcard
** PAYPAL TOTAL: $1,000 **
** GIFTCARD TOTAL: $500 **

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed saving problems with the new /f top system (which prevents last-day sniping and introduces progressive spawner values)
  • Fixed Wither players getting the Phantom HP Stick
  • Fixed Faction Alts being able to kill mobs
  • Fixed TNT/cannon lag
  • Fixed Printer Mode dupe & increased printing speed
  • Fixed spawners being lost if you buy with full inventory
  • Fixed creeper drops
  • Fixed potions stacking when bought from shop
  • Fixed spawners not blowing up if watered
  • Fixed claiming in a radius crashing the server. Exponentially increased claiming speed
  • Fixed being able to guard spawners with water
  • Added Harvester Hoes to the store
  • Added 5x5 Universal Trench Tool to the store
  • Added a 7x7 Trench Pickaxe to the store
  • Added Jelly Legs perk to the store
  • Added /f perms
  • Added Faction bank (/f bank deposit and /f bank withdraw)
  • Added ability to deposit TNT into your Faction's TNT bank from any placed chests on your faction's land. /f tnt deposit #radius #amount
  • Added /f upgrades (Contains crops, exp and spawner boosters)

  • Added /f logs (or /f audit)

  • Enabled /fly in Wilderness (unless enemies are nearby)
  • Added Wool to shop
  • Removed Apples from shop
  • Added force invites (unlimited invites during grace then a limit of 5 invites per day)
Season Vault:
The season vault has been open for the past week, feel free to vault any item that has the lore "Season Vault Access" by executing the command /resetvault.

The current realm will go down on 8PM EST Saturday 1/11/2020 so make sure to vault items before then.

FTOP Season 3:



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Hello everyone,
We would like to wish you a happy new year and thank you for your continuous support for MineVille in 2019. MineVille launched on January 13th, 2019 and it has been an amazing journey ever since. Today we gave every online ranked player a free Christmas key and every non-ranked player a free Economy key as a way to show our appreciation for your help in shaping the network into what it is today.

Network Statistics
2019 Updates: 772
2019 New Players: 321,000
2019 Hugs: 41,108
2019 Bans: 9,869
2019 Mutes: 3,937
2019 Warns: 3,413
2019 Plugins Created: 68
Total Network File Size: 312GB
 (3428GB when including backups)

Forums Statistics
2019 Visitors: 431,553
2019 Support Tickets: 1363
2019 News Posts: 31
2019 Forum Posts: 6,832
2019 New Members: 6,908
2019 Staff Applications: 514
Accepted: 79
Acceptance Rate: 6.5%

Discord Statistics

2019 New Members: 14,000
2019 Messages: 351,167
 + 133,844 in our staff discord
2019 #announcements: 359
2019 Hours in Voice: 10,341
2019 Members Synced: 18,545
Over 290,309 players have generated a code to sync but have not done it
Admins have been tagged over 3000 times in 2019

Financial Statistics
2019 Amount spent on Builds: $4,145
2019 Amount spent on Advertisements: $39,056
2019 Amount spent on New Software & Plugins: $30,569
2019 Amount raised for Charities: $3,991
2019 Amount spent on Payouts: $4,250
2019 Total Store Visitors: 223,643
2019 Highest Earning Game: Water Skyblock
2019 Highest Earning Crate: Paradise Crate
2019 Chargebacks: 395
 (Won 319/395)
2019 Top Donator: funnuff

Social Media Statistics

2019 New Twitter Followers: 1,167
2019 Total Twitter Likes: 1,628
2019 Total Twitter Replies: 1,370
2019 Total Twitter Giveaways: 7
2019 Likes on NameMC: 125

Top 15 Countries by Traffic

#1 - United States
#2 - United Kingdom
#3 - Canada
#4 - Australia
#5 - Netherlands
#6 - Sweden
#7 - Turkey
#8 - Germany
#9 - Belgium
#10 - Denmark
#11 - Norway
#12 - Brazil
#13 - Poland
#14 - New Zealand
#15 - Philippines

2019 Most Voted Staff of the Month: @Princess_Esther

The December 2019 monthly post:

Water December Island Top:


#1. Pinkyyx: $100 PayPal
#2. LittleFatPig: $50 Giftcard
#3. Pinguinooo: $25 Giftcard

Asgard Payouts are done on a per-season basis, not monthly.

If you are one of the winners, message PizzaMC on Discord (https://discord.mineville.org)


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Hello everyone,
We will be resetting the Water Skyblock realm on Friday, December 27th 2PM EST. Season 4 has been running since October 12th, it is time for a fresh start!

Some of the changes:
  • Added Mob Shards
    • You will earn Mob Shards by killing mobs and then you can trade the Shards for a Shard Lootbox to win amazing rewards such as money pouches, sell chests, spawners, and more

  • Added Chunk Hoppers on the store

  • Added Cosmetics which can be accessed through /trails

  • Added Pets
  • Added Harvester Hoes
  • Removed coinflips
  • Removed Ancient Trials
  • Added a new /baltop system
  • Reverted to a more FPS-friendly spawn and PvP Arena
  • and bug fixes
Reset Vault
As always, you can vault any exclusive items. These items contain "Season Vault Access" in the lore. You can access the Reset Vault through the command /resetvault.

We will be doing something different this time. You will have one week to vault your items. You can go back to the old realm by executing /oldwater and vault your items. One week after the reset, the vault will be moved over to the new season and the Old Water realm will be closed.

DISCLAIMER: Only items which contain the words 'Season Vault Access" in the lore can be vaulted. This means that you cannot vault sell chests, minions, or normal trench tools from the store.

The following will completely reset:
  • Balances
  • XP
  • Inventories
  • Islands
  • Ender chests
  • Mcmmo
  • Playervaults
  • Rankups
  • Race info
  • Stats
Purchases made 1 week before reset will be re-imbursed.

See you tomorrow!
Featured Package
3x Legendary Crate
13.502.70 USD

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