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February 2019

  • 1,988
  • 1


  • KyianaDawn - 103 votes (3500 Minecoins)
  • bamboozled_duck - 103 votes (3500 Minecoins)
  • dbryceman - 101 votes (2500 Minecoins)
  • Dragon_1809 - 100 votes (1500 Minecoins)
  • AjTheKing91011 - 95 votes (1000 Minecoins)
Congratulations to the top voters! You will be receiving your minecoins today. If you do not have them by tomorrow morning please contact Dacon#0001 or Pizza#5435 on Discord​
There will be 2X VOTE REWARDS until Tuesday! (March 2nd - March 5th)


1ST PLACE: iirina - Level 696,969​
2ND PLACE: lluyd - Level 436,814​
3RD PLACE: Zesmash_ - Level 99,607​
Rewards will be given out today​


  • 1,858
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Hey everyone!
We have grown incredibly fast in the past two weeks. Thank you for your support. We have a lot of planned features ready to release as well as new upcoming realm(s). More information on Hell and Water updates will be released soon. I would personally like to thank everyone who has reported, and is still reporting, in-game bugs. We have fixed a multitude of bugs thanks to your reports. We try to get to each and every report so please be patient. Also if you have a donation issue, make sure you come straight to me or @Dacon.

Now let's get into the fun stuff:
The top voters of every month will be rewarded with Minecoins. They get to choose whether they want to keep these Minecoins to trade with players or redeem them for store gift cards. We will also reward the top 3 Islands on the Water Realm every month.

Here are the top voters for January 2019, our first ever month!

1ST PLACE: TheUnholyQc - 154 Votes. Reward: 5,000 Minecoins (Worth $50)

2ND PLACE: BartDePauw - 110 Votes. Reward: 2,500 Minecoins (Worth $25)

3RD PLACE: Krommel - 88 Votes. Reward: 1,500 Minecoins (Worth $15)

3RD PLACE: MarsHasMartians- 88 Votes. Reward: 1,500 Minecoins (Worth $15)

4TH PLACE: Estrogen - 84 Votes. Reward: 1,000 Minecoins (Worth $10)

The top 3 islands (ranked based on island levels) have also been given their own respective rewards.
1ST PLACE: Alienwarezz - 86,248 (Check rewards in game, /is top)

2ND PLACE: iirina - 64,074 (Check rewards in game, /is top)

3RD PLACE: iDecaf - 33,322 (Check rewards in game, /is top)

See you next month!
-Mineville Management


  • 3,853
  • 5

Welcome MineVillagers!
We just released Mineville. January 13th, 2019, 12PM EST. You can now hop on using the IP play.mineville.org. Mineville has a lot to offer; ranging from custom features, unique ideas, and optimized experiences to fair play and proper support. We will be mainly focusing on our two gamemodes: Skyblock and Survival. However, our Skyblock and Survival realms are no ordinary gamemodes. Each realm is packed with extra-fun exclusive features that will surely improve your gameplay. We are experimenting with 1.13.2 survival and a new system for land management that will leave you with complete control over your claims.

Before I show you a glimpse of what the different realms have to offer, join our discord server at https://discord.mineville.org to unlock Daily Rewards on each realm and to be up-date with all updates, giveaways, and announcements.

Network Features:
We believe that all players should have equal access to all features, therefore, we implemented the Minecoins system. You can earn Minecoins through several ways:
  1. Vote daily for the server using /vote
  2. Claim daily rewards (You can get up to $4 worth of store credit from just 1 week of gameplay)
  3. Watch ads using /ad
After accumulating Minecoins, use the command /store and then navigate to the Ingame store. Redeem giftcards and you will be bale to use them on the actual store!

Mincoins is a global currency which means that if you earn Minecoins on Water Skyblock, you will have them on Hell Survival and vice-versa. To list all Minecoins commands, use /minecoins.
We hope to see a lot of players taking advantage of this easy way to gain store credit and purchase ranks and perks.

Hell Survival Features:
Survival on 1.13.2 is currently an untapped potential. We want to make sure that players can play on the very latest version on a server that truly offers a good and unique experience. That's exactly what we did with Hell Survival. You will not be able to join with any version bellow 1.13.2. Here is a list of some of the features that you will encounter during your gameplay:
  • Unique land claiming system. /lands
  • Land upgrades. You can upgrade the maximum amount of lands that you can be a member of. The max amount of chunks that you can claim, and the max amount of players that can be in each of your chunks. Visit /upgrades
  • Daily rewards. Visit Guardian Gifts at spawn
  • Chest shops for players with upgrades.
  • Player warps for players with upgrades.
  • Mutated Mines that can be unlocked ingame or on store. Visit /mines
  • Unique leveling system that comes with PvP protection, XP Boosts, and Shop boosts. Visit /levels
  • Custom enchantments and...


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