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NEWS Survival Update

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Hey MineVIllagers,
It has been a while since we last updated Hell Survival. We have been working on several bug fixes and features to enhance your gameplay and we will be rolling them out through Saturday 3/30. The focus of this update is to patch glitches and bugs that were reported by players and to implement suggested changes.

Here are the changes:
  • Addition of Quests, Quests Shop, and Quest Points
  • ✅Removal of the Shards currency as well as the Mutated Mines NPC ( those who bought permanent mine access. will be given keys)
  • ✅Addition of many new blocks to /sell and addition of sell prices directly to /shop
  • ✅Enchantment system revamp. Broken enchantments will be fixed. New tiers and new enchantments. Better dust rates
  • Addition of levels IV and V which will have free land claiming (no cost per chunk) and exclusive daily rewards section
  • ✅/rename re-enabled and fixed
  • Removal of the Magma crate and addition of Perks and Rewards (Quests) crates. Ash and Volcano crate edits as well
  • ✅Removal of war zone void TP PvP protection
  • ✅Removal of Enderpearl usage in warzone
  • ✅Re-enabled Snowmen/Llama spawners
  • ✅Cosmetic comeback
  • Envoys
and more..
*✅ means that the update has been implemented.

This weekend will also be the last weekend in which Lucky Crates will be sold. The 50% sale will end on Sunday as well.

We hope to see you on Saturday! Updates will be released through out the day. Join our discord server to stay tuned with the latest updates and news. https://discord.mineville.org

NEWS Water Skyblock Season 2!

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Hello MineVillagers,
We will be concluding this season of Water Skyblock on Saturday, March 16th at 2PM EST. This season has allowed us to patch numerous glitches and bugs over the span of more than 60 days! With the new Skyblock season, our main aim is to balance the economy, introduce new features, fix bugs, and give everyone a fair start.

What is changing?
  1. New flight system. The new system will get rid of the unlimited fly glitch and also allow players to send other players their flight time (Flight time trading).
  2. Removal of the Shards currency. With the new enchantments system and removal of Shards Magnet, the Shards currency is now redundant. We will be removing the Shards currency from Water Skyblock and Quest Points will be taking its role.
  3. Implementation of a Quest Points Shop (Booster Shop). You will be able to buy timed XP boosters, Sell boosters, mcMMO, vote tiers, mcMMO credits, Envoy flares.
  4. Implementation of a new PvP Rewards system (to replace SkyFights) as well as the Ville Pass
  5. Implementation of Ancient Trials. This is going to be a mob arena with 10 waves consisting of very vicious and strong enemies. Accumulate Souls and use them at the Soul Shop to unlock unique and valuable perks.
  6. Better starter islands unlocked by Donator Ranks (each tier will contain more ores in the default terrain)
  7. Completely revamped /shop that is very stable and balanced
  8. Reduced minion limits due to their very OP nature. The new maximum amount of minions that can be placed by a player is now 5 (Poseidon rank)
  9. Replacement of the Leveled Fountains system with Leveled Rewards. The new system will allow all members of an island to get rewarded for reaching certain milestones whenever they feel ready to claim the rewards.
  10. New Envoy tiers. Iron -> Gold -> Diamond with new rewards and shorter cooldown
  11. New Crates: Spawners Crate (Custom Spawners), Perks Crate, and the Economy Crate
  12. Generators and custom enchantments debuff
  13. New spawn
- I was on the leaderboards in season 1, what happens?

You will be a "Season 1 Legend". When players hover over you name, they will be able to see your island level/balance/mcmmo power of season 1 if you were one of the top 10 in any of these categories.

- Will I lose my rank?
You will not be losing your donator rank. However, levels will reset (I - VI).

- Will I lose my hoppers limit?
Island hopper limits given by donator ranks will not reset. If your hopper limit was upgraded by levels, then it will reset because your level will reset.

- Will my money reset?
Yes. All balances will be reset as well as stats, islands, quest points, shards and vaults

- Will I lose my MineCoins?
No, you will not be losing your Minecoins

- I bought permanent fly, will I lose it?
No, permanent fly perk will...

February 2019

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  • KyianaDawn - 103 votes (3500 Minecoins)
  • bamboozled_duck - 103 votes (3500 Minecoins)
  • dbryceman - 101 votes (2500 Minecoins)
  • Dragon_1809 - 100 votes (1500 Minecoins)
  • AjTheKing91011 - 95 votes (1000 Minecoins)
Congratulations to the top voters! You will be receiving your minecoins today. If you do not have them by tomorrow morning please contact Dacon#0001 or Pizza#5435 on Discord​
There will be 2X VOTE REWARDS until Tuesday! (March 2nd - March 5th)


1ST PLACE: iirina - Level 696,969​
2ND PLACE: lluyd - Level 436,814​
3RD PLACE: Zesmash_ - Level 99,607​
Rewards will be given out today​

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