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EVENT Parkour Event 2

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Parkour Event
Tonight we will be hosting our 2nd ever parkour event. This time it will consist of 3 different courses in ranging difficulty for you to work your way through. At the end of every course, you will be rewarded with a prize. The harder the course, the better the prize.

Where? Events server! Connect by clicking on "Events Realm" in the /server selector.

When? To give as many people as possible a chance to participate, the event will begin on Sunday at 8 pm CEST and end on Monday at 8 pm CEST.

Countdown until event: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-parkour-ac0o

Good luck to all participants!
- Mineville Staff Team

EVENT Parkour Tournament

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Parkour Tournament!
This weekend we will be hosting our first parkour tournament ever! Parkour your way through the course to claim your prize! Those who finish first will receive something extra.

Where? Event server (information on how to join will be announced soon).
When? April 7th at 7 pm CEST.

Everyone who manages to finish the course will be rewarded with a special event kit on both realms that you will be able to claim once.
  • 1x Giveaway Key
  • 5x Vote Key
  • 2x Ash Key
  • 1x Perk Key
The first 3 to finish the course will receive the following rewards along with the event kit.
  • 3x Spring Key
  • 2x Volcano Key
  • 2x Spawner Key
  • $500 000
  • 2x Spring Key
  • 2x Magma Key
  • 1x Spawner Key
  • $400 000
  • 1x Spring Key
  • 1x Magma Key Key
  • 1x Economy Key
  • $300 000
Countdown until event: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-parkour-tqjg

Good luck to all participants!
- Mineville Staff Team

March 2019

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The vote leaderboard has now reset​

  • RainbowDoge18 - 159 Votes ($50 Giftcard)
  • KLG89 - 153 Votes ($20 Giftcard)
  • princess_lilc - 131 Votes ($10 Giftcard)
Congratulations to the top voters! You will be receiving the giftcards tonight/tomorrow morning. Check your forum or discord PMs​
There will be 2X VOTE REWARDS until Friday! (April 1st - 5th)


1st: lluyd (Level 123,456) - 3000 Minecoins​
2nd: Zephyx_ (Level 87,299) - 1500 Minecoins​
3rd: CometChaos (Level 23,766) - 1000 Minecoins​

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