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NEWS Earth Release Announcement

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Hello everyone,
We are expanding our selection of gamemodes by introducing the brand new Earth Towny realm! We are very excited for this one because it will be quite different from the rest of the realms; it is a completely new style of gameplay that we have not had on MineVille before. The realm will go public on Saturday 2PM EST. Make sure you are online at release because we will be giving away minebucks, ranks, crate keys, and more to 20+ lucky players.

➥ Live Map
There is a live dynmap available at https://earth.mineville.net where you can see the claims for each town and some town details. You can zoom in or out and you will be able to see online players and their coordinates.


➥ Economy
The economy on this realm is different from what you see on asgard, water, kingdom, & and fire. On Earth, there will not be a centralized server shop, instead, players can create their own shops and they will all be listed in a directory at /playershops. To get materials, you will need to gather it yourself from this vast world.

There will be a 15,000 x 15,000 1.16 nether world also available to gather materials. The nether world may reset in the future (town creation & outposts are disabled in the nether).

➥ PvP
The realm will have 1.8 PvP mechanics. Dying in the overworld (earth map) will cause you to lose your items and experience. You will not keep your items. PvP is enabled in both the overworld and the nether. PvP is also enabled in the nether. There is no claiming in the nether.

➥ Towny System
To create a town, you need $1,500, use /town new <name> to start a town. To get money, make sure you vote every day ($50 per vote, 5 votes per day). You can also complete the solo daily and weekly quests for money, or open crates.

The home chunk is where you were standing when you created a town. To expand beyond this chunk, you will need to use the command /town claim. Each additional chunk will cost $200 and they have to connected to the claims (edges). You can have two claims not attached to the edges by using /t claim outpost. Outposts will not cost money to create.

Every day your town has to pay $5 per chunk for upkeep. This means if your town fails to pay, it will be disbanded/unclaimed, so make sure you deposit money into your town's bank account using /t deposit <amount>

Other information
  • Invite players using /town invite <name> - accept a town initiation using...

Asgard Season 3

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➥ New Spawn & Mines

Asgard has been blessed with a new spawn island. Each God now also has their own themed mine, making the total mines on the server 12.​
See a sneak peek of the spawn and a few of the mines below: (Album)​

➥ Economy
Obtaining spawners now requires crafting them. To craft a spawner you need 9 fragments and its core. You can obtain cores and fragments from crates, vote parties, the Underworld, and mob grinders.​

  • Each spawner has a maximum of 50,000 spawns. After 50,000 mobs have spawned from a certain spawner, it will break and you will have to repair it using either money or minebucks.
  • To repair a spawner, you will have to click on it. A menu will open with the two repair options.
  • If you pick up a spawner (break it) after placing it down, it will save the amount of mobs spawned in the lore ("Spawns Left: 10,931").
The Slayer system has been abolished. You will be able to craft any spawner and kill any mob by default. For more information regarding the drops of each spawner, execute the command /shop. To craft a spawner, execute /forge. You will also find the Forger NPC in spawn at /warp spawn.​
We also added our new shop layout to asgard. Execute /shop to access the server shop.​

➥ Rebirth Update
  • Each God now has 3 challenges, totaling 36 rebirth challenges
  • You must complete at least 1 rebirth challenge from the previous God on Mount Asgard before continuing up the mountain.
  • After completing all 36 rebirth challenges, you can ascend for $10m multiplied by your rebirth count. However you can now choose a god to put a rebirth point into when ascending.
  • Putting 12 rebirth points into a single God will unlock you a special title of that God
  • There is also a leaderboard built into the ascension menu, showing the top players for that God

➥ The Underworld
Introducing Helheim, Asgards new Underworld!​
The Underworld has 4 layers, and has no requirements. To descend a layer, jump into the beacon lava pool underneath the spawn platform.​
Each Layer has unique monsters, which get...​

NEWS MineVille Trailer Released

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