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NEWS Kingdom Update (S4.1)

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Hello everyone,
We just released a major Kingdom update. Please read the following changelog to know everything that changed, got added/removed. We also fixed all bugs reported by players & staff.

➥ Fully updated to 1.16.2. We had to update 22,000,000 chunks hence why we had a long downtime. This means that you can now use all 1.16 items
➥ Updated shop
➥ New 25,000 x 25,000 nether world
➥ Fixed not being able to kick offline players
➥ Added /playershops
➥ Revamped Scoreboards
➥ Added Mob Shards & Shard spins
➥ Added Bones & Bones shop
➥ Fixed TAB not showing ranks
➥ Added item stacking
➥ Updated minions and fixed several bugs
➥ Added Solo and Kingdom /collections
➥ Revamped /k menu
➥ Fixed shop NPCs at spawn not opening their corresponding shops
➥ Added Minebucks trading to /trade
➥ Added Zoglin and Piglin spawners
➥ Fixed spider spawners only stacking up to 10
➥ Fixed Crop upgrade
➥ Fixed Mob Loot upgrade
➥ Fixed Mob Spawning upgrade
➥ Fixed upgrade prices discrepancies

Asgard Update

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New Content
➤ Can now purchase over 32k custom heads with /heads command ($10,000 each)​
➤ Minebucks Shop released! NPC for it is beside the Crates at spawn.​
➤ Mystic Armor Set in Kilton's Shop released​
➤ New Underworld Monster Rare Drops​
- Nether Stars​
- Rare Energy Crystals​
- Large Money Pouches​
➤ Beacons are now craftable​
➤ Emerald Blocks in the Underworld now drop 4-6 instead of 1-3​
➤ Can now put 6 custom EXP enchantments on 1 item instead of 1​
➤ Server TPS and Uptime now shown in tab​

Bug Fixes
➥ Fixed various bugs that was causing major lag spikes/crashes/instability​
➥ Can now upgrade your own /slayer level without a Mod​
➥ Fixed new players sometimes not being able to open teleporter menu​
➥ Fixed medium money pouch min value being $20k instead of $25k​
➥ Fixed Serpent Wand & Ember Wand damage​
➥ Fixed Njord Sell Multiplier​
➥ Fixed not being able to /sell items inside of your backpacks​
➥ Fixed Legendary Energy Crystals​
➥ Fixed not being able to mine emerald blocks in your Town​
➥ Fixed issue causing sell chests to sometimes break after reboots​
➥ Fixed /smite perk from Thor's Rebirth Challenge​
➥ Fixed White & Black Scrolls​
➥ Fixed /enchant [enchantment] information command​
➥ Fixed Happy Cow not giving Energy Reward​
➥ Fixed Rebirth Leaderboard at Spawn​
➥ Fixed AutoBlocking enchant not working with Lapis Lazuli​
➥ Fixed Stars in rebirth tag after completing Odin's challenge​

Water Season 8

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Hello everyone,
It's time for a new season of Water Skyblock. We have heard all your feedback regarding the current water season and have worked to make sure that this season will adhere to it. Some changes from season 7 will be rolled back while a lot of new features will also be added this season. We are looking forward to a very fun and competitive season!

⏰RELEASE DATE: Saturday September 19th, 2PM EST
Countdown: http://bit.ly/mvwaterct

🎁 Reply to the thread for a chance to win the POSEIDON RANK!

1st Month

  1. $150 PayPal
  2. $75 Giftcard
  3. $50 Giftcard
2nd Month
  1. $150 PayPal
  2. $75 Giftcard
  3. $50 Giftcard
3rd Month
  1. $400 PayPal
  2. $200 PayPal
  3. $100 PayPal
💵 Total: $1,000 PayPal & $250 Giftcards

  • Upgraded from 1.15.2 to 1.16.2
    • Major TPS optimizations
  • Replaced money-based levels system to the legacy points system
    • Added points per spawner types instead of ore-blocks only
  • Removed bubbles currency
  • Re-introduced automated farming for crops (prices adjusted accordingly) similar to season 3
  • Introduced ore block stacking on islands
  • Increased island spawner limits
  • Added the Underworld
  • Added Bones currency & Bones Merchant
  • Added kill rewards
  • Added the Magic Pond events
  • Added holy white scrolls to the store
  • Re-worked percentages for cobblestone generators
  • Added Slayer, Seller, Collector, & Miner minions
  • Added progression quests
  • Edited daily & weekly quests
  • Disabled crafting of books
  • Disabled crafting of beacons
  • Fixed island warps & likes system
  • Fixed island upgrades not working
  • Fixed sell chests resetting on reboots
  • Fixed issues with /level requirements
  • Fixed issues with hoppers picking up stacks
  • Fixed placing minions at spawn
  • Fixed hero set not working
  • Fixed notch set passive effects
  • Fixed being able to harvest others' crops with a Harvester Hoe
  • Fixed captain --> atlas upgrade in minebucks shop
  • Edited crate rewards
  • New player level suffixes
As always, we will be having a reset vault. This vault is now open and can be accessed through the command /resetvault. It will close down on Sept 17th 5PM EST. You will be able to access the reset vault again after the new season begins.

Items that can go in the reset vault:
  • Exclusive crate gear
  • Exclusive crate items
  • Any item that...

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